Вебинар Strategic Hotel Management - Startup, Crisis, Change & Vision Management
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17 Сентября 2019
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The Hotel Lifecycle:

Here we’ll go through all the typical stages that a hotel goes through from the initial idea till achieving investment targets. Defining ideal moments to sell and why? When and Why think long-term and hold on to the object? Renovation moments and investment decisions, when do they occur? Understanding what a normal lifecycle situation looks like. 

Key Challenges During Startup, Management, Change & Crisis Situations:

Understanding key differences between each of these situations and how the focus areas change. This is about providing an understanding for suitable behavior and decisions in any of these situations. We’ll also talk about the risks involved if the focus areas are not handled properly. 

Common Mistakes & Their Solutions:

Here we talk about the common mistakes due to wrong strategic decisions and the effect that they had for the owner/manager. We then go through the strategic decisions made regarding how to rectify theses negative effects. I’ll provide real cases with the financial consequences attached to them. 

The System, The Process & Adapting To Deviations:

We’ll go though a step-by-step-step system for analyzing and developing the right strategic decisions. How to test their “soundness” and identify possible “deviation” factors. 

Implementation & Team Support - Understanding & Buy-In:

Defining the implementation model most suitable for your current situation. Establishing the importance of developing a team understanding in order to gain buy-in commitment. 

Walk-The-Talk, How Not To Panick When The Going Get’s Tough:

The Going Always Get Tough, so how do we avoid panicking ourselves and how to handle other stakeholders that might panick. 

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